International Journal of Microbial Science (IJMS)

It is not only peer-reviewed but also open-access journal which is bound to publish original manuscripts based on microbial science. In addition, we focus on quality research across the globe serving sustainable development. Moreover, we consider basic as well as applied microbial science and expose those areas in the globe which are needed by people. We provide robust and careful peer-review process in order to ensure publication of world-class articles opening novel windows to biological science and creating new branches in the biological sector making human life happy and cheerful.      
Moreover, the journal has been launched to make quality research worldwide and to provide a track to novel work that needs to be considered. We have a substantially qualified editorial board with high-quality research and publication experiences. We are sure that we will give justice to world-class research belonging to colleges, universities, institutes, research laboratories and related organisations in the world. 



Fundamentals of Microbiology, Microbiological Techniques & General Microbiology, Cytology, Basic Biochemistry, Microbial Genetics, Microbial metabolism, Recombinant DNA Technology, Industrial Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Immunology, Clinical Microbiology, Biostatistics and Computer Applications, Bioenergetics and Molecular Enzymology, Bioinstrumentation, Food and Dairy Microbiology, Recent trends in Virology, Molecular Immunology, Microbial Physiology, Microbial diversity and Extremophiles, Enzyme Technology, Bioprocess Engineering and Technology, Microbial Genetics, Environmental Microbial Technology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Fermentation Technology, Bioinformatics, Microbial Genomics and Proteomics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MICROBIAL SCIENCE (IJMS) publication service has been provided to shorten the time of publication. We aim to publish all the latest and outstanding research articles in all areas of major importance regarding techniques in microbiology and applied research. We publish high-quality review and research articles on novel aspects of Microbiology.  Received manuscript for publication will be considered by the editor and if it passes the initial screening, it will be sent for peer review by experts in related fields. If the manuscript is found unsuitable for publication, the editor may suggest you transfer your submission to a more suitable journal or to edit contents.


The journal provides proofreading and editing services at a very low cost with a licensed version of editing tools. The journal proofreads research and review manuscripts, synopsis, thesis, projects, research proposals, and administrative proposals. To get service please write to us to

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